Saturday, August 27, 2016

Afternoon Hong Kong Tour 1 - Fresh Off The Boat

This is a continuation of the previous entry.

Hong Kong is amazing. After lunch and shopping, we had a chance to take some rest. At four in the afternoon we got ready and went on to an adventure I'd not forget- An afternoon tour of Hong Kong. 

Pick Your Poison

With Hong Kong being a vast place though, we picked the least stressful tour. We didn't want to spend the afternoon running a marathon playing catch up with time and the tour guide.

A portion of this story was updated as it happened on Instagram, but a lot of the sights can also be found here. Captions can be found on the Flickr page if you're interested to read them. Just click on the image and you'll be redirected there.

We started things off riding the waves crossing the sea, and after that we enjoyed the view in one of the best ways we know of - On top of an observation wheel. Sights of the experience on this post.

Police Presence

Under Construction

Marco Polo HK Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Carrier Has Arrived

Passenger Hallway

Looking Back

Tour Guide

Boarding The Boat

All aboard SS Boaty McBoatface! Okay, not really. I'm not sure what the name of the vessel was. It was a short trip, and chances are, it's in Cantonese and I wouldn't understand it.



HK Skyline


The Other Boat

HK Skyline

Passengers On The Boat

What Boat?

Blue HK Skyline

Water Ripples

The View Up Front

No Entry

HK Skyline


Vast HK Skyline

Taking A Selfie

Arriving At The Port

Port Maneuvers


We hopped off the boat, fast-walked a bit, and hopped on to this - A huge wheel in the sky. Okay, not really. It was bolted to the ground. It's one amazing piece of Engineering.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Flying Colors

Guarded By Lions

Ride Ticket

Complicated Machinery

Enjoying The View

The View Outside

Golden Building

Mountains And Buildings

Water Traffic


More Boats

Pedestrian Walkway

Pokemon GO?

Showbiz Equipment

Video Equipment

Tug Boat

Braces And Cross Braces


Different Speeds

More Landmarks

Glass Towers

Enjoying The View

Take A Picture

Long Walk Way

View Of The  Sea

Paint The Roof


At last I'm back on solid ground. Hello there, few-feet-above-sea-level. I missed you.

Getting Off The Ride

Empty Tables

Walking To The Next Stop

Seaside View

Chilling Like A Boss

We took this time to relax a bit while waiting for the bus. The buss will drive us back to Tsim Sha Tsui, via some notable landmarks, which is a part of the tour- but that's for another entry. 

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. More to come soon.

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