Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Colors Of Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is a marvel of engineering. It is among the most amazing man-made structures I've seen both in scale and in elegance. The whole airport is practically a small city in scale and I pretty much tired myself out exploring just the passenger accessible areas in Terminal 1 departure. 

Airport Gallery

More sights of this monumental marvel in here...


Free Internet

Beep Beep!

Vast Expanse

Colorful Paint Scheme

Dai Pai Dong

Gates 33 and 34

The Sleeper

Curved Triangles

Gate 48

Under Renovation

Lining Up

Empty Seats

Please Keep Clear

Curves, Triangles and Transparency

This, in my opinion is one of the most amazing commercial aircraft I've ever seen. I've watched a documentary of how they build these and it is an impressive logistical feat. Just as amazing is seeing something as humongous as this actually get off the ground.

Airbus A380

Curves And Triangles At Night

Indirect Lighting

Empty Gate

Waiting For Boarding

Fine Exhibits

Tea Sets Display

M&M's Candy Store


Hong Kong Exhibits

I also got to do some people photography or two. This random traveler looked familiar to me.

Edna Mode's Daughter?

Many Gates

Golden Arches

Moving Ahead

Stop To Smell The Flowers

Island Malt

In A Rush


Reflections And Triangles

Apart from this there are still the Arrival area and shops, Terminal 2 arrival and departure areas, and even the passage way that connects the two terminals running under the runways and taxi ways. Maybe I'd get to explore them some more someday.

This place even looks more amazing in Black & White. Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. More to come soon. :)