Sunday, July 16, 2017

End Of June

June of this year has been quite a month for me. It has, for some time, been quite busy, and other times, I dare say turbulent. I'm thankful that I somewhat still get the chance to go take pictures at my leisure time. Here are some random knickknacks from the month.. A lot of these are from our recent company outing and some sights around the office- Namely my favorite Starbucks branch.
Dab On The Rocks


Take My Hand

Falling In Line

Night At A Smoky Grill

These were taken at my favorite Starbucks branch. and some of them were from work. I keep myself busy on weekends whether for leisure or because it's more conducive to do on call duty at the office than at home where I can easily call asleep and miss getting the call.

Melrose & Patricia





Blue Sunset

Office Hallway


Aliyah. Caught her unguarded on this one.

To me June 2017 would be something I'll remember. While there are things about it I'm thankful for, there are other things I'm regretful about - reasons I'd not talk about yet. Maybe in time... For now I can just say it was turbulent and it didn't leave me the same. I will be alright though. 

I also have another monochrome album I want to feature, with shots taken at the company outing. I've been posting them on Instagram. I'll put them here as one coherent post soon.

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