Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun And Sand Under The Monochrome Sky

When one says the beach, people often imagine the blue seas, the white, brown or multi-colored sand, white clouds and cerulean skies above; Green palm trees and the different colors on people's faces... But what if there's none of that?

Lost In Thought

All the beauty of the beaches but without the vivid colors. That is exactly what happened here...

I was feeling a bit adventurous so I brought Minnie (The Minolta SR1) and loaded her up with a roll of Fujifilm Acros and a couple rolls of C200s for good measure. The results, though not necessarily vibrant, are timeless and surreal. The beauty of it, isn't in the now absent colors, but in the contrast and the texture.

The Light At The End

Text Break

Clear Skies

Downhill Towards The Shore

Not The Same Boat

View Of The Horizon

Sand, Sea, and Sky.

Among the pictures in this roll are  a few of the most well defined silhouette shots I've ever made. I've never achieved anything close on digital without manipulating it on a computer. 

Looking Out Beyond

Walk Or Ride

Palm Beach Resort

Strolling In The Shade

Sitting In The Shade

Getting Around In Style
Popping contrast here without the digital manipulation effort.

Out For A Swim

Heading Out

Heading For Lunch

Arrival At The Food Hall
If this had color this would probably be not as interesting...

Rafters Above

Sports Briefing

This Uphill Climb

Needless to say I was the only one there who was doing things old school - Everyone else had digital cameras, and I was there taking pictures with Minnie. It certainly got people curious and went on inquiring about Minnie.

I knew Fujifilm Acros was fun as shown previously, but this experience gave me a pleasant surprise! Have a lot more light and it  really brings out the best of it. The contrast is amazing and so is the texture I get makes it like a different kind of film. For its price this makes it a favorite for me.

This day gave me bit of respite from other stuff happening, I suppose. So I had fun here. I'm definitely joining the next office outing.

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